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Frugal Mince Dishes

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I tend to buy fresh, lean, locally produced mince.  I love mince, I like the smell of it cooking with Onions, I like it as meatballs, as a Jacket potato topping, as a cottage pie……I like the fact that you can use just 100g to feed a family of four, by padding the ingredients out with pulses, such as cooked green lentils or red kidney beans. 
Currently in Aldi a 500g tray of mince is around £2.50, (divide up and freeze seperately in 100g portions) and a tin of kidney beans just 19p, so the Toro Rosso Pie comes in at less than 70p per head.  Try the butchers though, our local butcher will give us 50% more for the same money.

Try a couple of the recipies here, and you will discover other ingredients which you can use to pad out mince without breaking the bank or compromising on taste.

Meatball or Kofta Mix