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Frugal Leftovers

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Whether you are using up whats in the fridge, or ensuring all the meat from the Sunday Roast is fully utilised, you will find a recipe here to help you to use them frugally in a way to create a whole new meal.

Don’t forget whilst cooking on a day to day basis that its also good to ensure that you have a few scraps in the fridge, particularly if its a cooked cold sausage or some grilled bacon – both of which always make a welcome sandwich, especially on a Sunday Morning!

Dont forget that if you have approx 150g of cold left over sausage bacon or other cold meat, you can make a whole new dish (or if you want a version which uses more ingredients, to help you sort out your fridge, or to use up veggies take a look at the ‘Chicken and left over pie’
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Beef and Stilton Pie

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Cheese and Sausage Pie


1/2 pt white sauce (from packet mix)
100g grated cheese
1 egg, beaten
1/2 an Onion, Chopped and fried until translucent (optional)
150g cold sausage, finely sliced.
1 pkt shortcrust pastry defrosted if frozen

Make up the white sauce as per the packet instructions, stir in the cheese, and allow to cool slightly.  When lukewarm, beat in the egg and the sliced sausage (and onion).
Using half the pastry line a greased, 20cm pie plate.  Fill with cheese mixture, moisten edges and cover with the rolled remaining pastry.

Press edges together to seal the pie.  Make a slit in the top of the pie and brush with milk (optional)
Bake in a preheated, moderately hot oven (200C) oven for approximately 30-40 minutes.

Delicious hot or cold

Serves 4 – ingredients comes in at less than £3.00 so thats around £0.75 per head