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Frugal Eggs And Pasta Recipes

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Dont underestimate eggs.  Cheap to buy, easy to store (don’t store them in the fridge, its not necessary), full of protein, they fill you up for ages, they are an excellent compliment to cold meats, onions, herbs, and cheese.

If you get a chance, buy eggs “at the gate”, but remember there won’t be a use by date stamped on these, but they will be considerably fresher than the ones you buy at the supermarket which will have already been sitting around for at least 10 days before you buy them ‘fresh’  You will understand this if you try and hard boil a ‘bought at the gate’ egg.  Really fresh eggs won’t have had a chance to develop the air gap at the top of the egg which makes peeling the shell from the white almost impossible, and you end up with the white and shell stuck together and just the yolk left intact.

Its also this air sac, which allows you to work out how fresh the eggs are – those which rise to stand on their end have an air pocket – those which float to the surface are probably too out of date to eat safely.  



If you have never made pasta before, give it a try.  100g of plain flour, a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of oil and one egg is all it takes to try it for yourself, and this quantity will give you enough pasta to make the lasagne sheets for a family sized LasagnePasta Eggs

Put the flour and salt in a bowl, make a small well in the middle, and drop in the egg and oil. Using your fingers pinch the egg and flour mixture and mix the ingredients together.  Lightly kneed into a ball.  Rest (Under the upturned bowl) on a work surface for around 15 minutes before kneeding and rolling as thin as you can. 
If you have a pasta machine you dont need to kneed it – just roll, fold and roll, it through on the machines widest setting around 8-10 times, before working down through the rest of the settings to produce a really thin pasta sheet.

Try adding chopped herbs, wilted and shredded spinach, grated cooked beetroot etc to add ‘secret’vegetables to your kids meals, and a bit of colour to your home made pasta.

Try using up some of the left overs in your fridge to make Ravioli and Tortilleni fillings, a bit of cold cooked bacon with a little grated or cream cheese, can make a whole meal, or an interesting side dish.

A mountain of Pasta

Meatball bake with Macaroni Topping

Creamy Italian Parmesan Bake

Creamy Cheesie Pasta Bake

Lentil Lasagne

Family Pasta Tea

Chicken and Chorizo Pasta

Bacon and Spinach Pasta