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Nigel Slaters Real Food Sausage and Potato Pie

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Nigel Slaters Real Food Sausage and Potato Pie

For those of you who regularly check in and read this cooking blog, you will know two things about me. Firstly my need on a Saturday evening, to find a family recipe which you can eat with just a fork whilst curled up on the sofa.  Secondly the consideration I am currently giving to cooking my way right through Nigel Slater’s ‘Real Food’

This week’s family meal plan, currently pinned to the fridge door, and the basis of today’s weekly shop includes the second recipe in the book, being ‘Stove-top Dauphinoise with Pancetta and Rockett’, but that’s not for today.  Saturday is a “Sausage Day” so searching through the book I came across a recipe I have made before. 

In every sense this recipe should work as a family supper.  It contains potatoes and sausages so there is very little to dislike.  However, Mr Slater does quite clearly warn at the top of page 120 against trying this ‘lovely crumbly pie with anything but really tasty, well-seasoned sausage meat’, and I have to admit to having not heeded this advice when I first made this dish.  Instead utilising it as a method to use up some cheaply purchased, post Christmas sausage meat.. . .something which I came to regret.

So today I have purchased Butchers Cumberland Sausages, (£1.99), and splashed out on some Lard (39p) New potatoes (49p) and Butter (£1.25), so if I behave myself and follow Mr Slaters every word will I get a dish as beautiful as the one in the picture in the book, and supper for around £1 a head?

It was unfortunate that I broke my food processor at Christmas, and I can’t remember the last time I made pastry with my own fingertips, however luckily I remembered that I had read somewhere that if you grate the fat in to the flour it makes the whole job much easier, and it did!

Scared to end up with a horribly bland dish like the last time I made this, I seasoned the sausage meat with dried herbs, seasoned with black pepper and a little salt.  Into the cooking onions I added a shake or two of paprika.

I assembled the pie in layers of sausage and onion and then cooked potato, and added a pie funnel rather than just a couple of slits in the pastry as suggested, why?  Because I own one and I think it makes a better looking pie.

After Forty minutes in the preheated oven a lovely looking pie emerged.  My daughter had hers with ketchup (she has everything with Ketchup!), my husband had his with brown sauce, and I thought the dish was crying out for gravy.

Overall a delicious and different way to use sausages on a Saturday evening using readily available and cheap vegetables.  We served ours with carrot batons and petit pois which made a satisfying family meal.  This meal will definitely be making a further appearance in this house……….meanwhile I am wondering if I really do need to buy a new food processor? 

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