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Meatball bake with a macaroni Cheese topping

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A great prepare it first and cook it later dish

Meatball bake with a macaroni Cheese topping

I have always been a great fan of Pasta, but it has to be said that Pasta is not a great fan of me.  That said its probably all those yummy sauces that it lends itself to so nicely which causes the trouble around the waist.  

So as a result I tend to avoid Pasta, to a certain extent, but this week the meal plan, stuck on the fridge, under a magnet showing me having my head chopped of in the Edinburgh Dungeons, has two pasta dishes on it.  One of the dishes is going to make a ragu out of sausages and then serve it with a delicious mustard sauce. The other is todays extravagansa.

This dish was borne out of necessity more than anything else.  My Diabetic husband feeds his bread habit with their Rye bread rather than Wheat Bread and as a result you will often find him in Lidl.  Whilst he is there he is always scanning for a bargain and over the last couple of weeks has brought home with him numerous packets of their ‘ready to eat’ meat balls.


Spaghetti is an obvious accompanyment and we did that last week, but last week we were in Ikea and they do a fab open meatball sandwhich.  An open sandwich on Rye, the meatballs are quartered and served with a beetroot coleslaw and that got me thinking about cutting up the meatballs, stirring through a jar of pasta sauce and then topping with some macaroni cheese.  So I assembled this dish this afternoon with a view to baking it in the oven it whilst I have to go and pick my daughter up from her Netball Competition ………

Its not complicated, halve or quarter the precooked meatballs, pour over a jar of pasta sauce.

Add in a very cheaky layer of Melty cheese and then cook up 300g of macaroni, coat it in a pint of cheese sauce (season well) and place the macaroni on top of the cheese ‘lasagne sheets’.


At this point the dish will keep quite well in the fridge for 24 hours.

When you are ready preheat the oven to 170C and then bake the dish for around 40-60 minutes until it is piping hot throughout 



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