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‘Leftover’ Turkey Burgers

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Getting sick of the sight of Turkey.

'Leftover' Turkey Burgers

I’ll admit we only bought a Turkey Crown this year – I have been almost religious in my efforts to use it all up but if I am being honest……I am getting a little sick of the sight of Turkey.

Turkey only really makes an appearance in our home once a year, and I think its because by the time this annual appearance is over you never want to see a turkey again!!

I was however given a burger press by a friend for Christmas this year – she said its because she thought my Lamb and Feta Burgers /index.html/fayes-frugal-food-blog/item/feta-and-lamb-burgers?category_id=1 looked a little untidy.    What a cheek! They look rustic!
However the appearance of a Burger press gave me an idea about what to do with the left over turkey. I stripped 175g off the carcus, put the rest aside for the dogs and dispatched the bones to the ‘Green Bin’.                 Job done!


So if you too find yourself with a large chunk of the ‘Birthday Bird’ left in the fridge and you also have a rude friend who has bought you a burger press then try these spicy Turkey Burgers for tea tonight, the ingredients and seasoning can be changed to reflect what you have in your cupboards….and what your family will eat. This is the ingredients for the ones prepared in our home today

175-200g Turkey – blitzed in a liquidiser

About Two inches of Chorizo gently fried off with two rashers of bacon – blitzed

400g of tinned Chickpeas – drained and blitzed

A crust off the loaf – blitzed

Half an Onion, gently fried off with one Green Chili – then blitzed with two raw shallots

Season black pepper, a little salt, 1tsp of Ground Cumin, 1tsp dried chilli flakes, 1tsp Paprika.

Combine with one beaten egg (I also added the end of the Double cream- which was no more than 1tsp). Divide in to about six burgers (you need each 120g of mixture for each one).       Once formed, put on a plate (seperate with greaseproof paper) and put in the fridge for at least thirty minutes.

Probably a bit too delicate for a griddle pan, but will cook rapidly in a large frying pan (spray oil, or a little oil on a piece of kitchen roll will be enough to grease the pan) remember, all the ingredients are already cooked so you will be ‘setting’ the patty and lightly browning the outside) 

I made spiced potato wedges to have with ours, so I cooked mine on a lightly oiled baking tray, turing once, whilst the wedges were cooking

Serve either in buns with a salad we had waldorf salad with ours  – using up the walnuts already!.

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