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Christmas Leftover ‘Roll’

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Sausage Roll, Cheese and Onion Roll, and Turkey and Cranberry Roll Recipe

Christmas Leftover 'Roll'

There comes a point, and its usually the day after Boxing Day. when you have to address the contents of the Fridge

You know there are left overs, and lots of them – but what to do with whats left and ensure a couple of lovely extra meals rather than just give up and feed it to the dog…….or worse still, the compost bin.

It is likely that you will have lots of ‘bits’ and not really enough for any one dish.  You may recall, somewhere in your past, being advised that the idea of the cornish pasty was originally for mners to take down the mine for their lunch, and the original ones had meat in one end and jam in the other………..  so let me suggest a twist on that idea and come up with a large ‘roll’ including a number of different centres…..?

My fridge today contained three odd chipolatas, some chorizo, spring onions, onions, shallots, left over turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing (/index.html/fayes-frugal-food-blog/item/christmas-stuffing?category_id=1)

A rummage around in the freezer produced a ‘slab’ of frozen Puff pastry, and whilst that was defrosting I set about making the filling:-

Sausage and Onion

Gently remove the sausages from their skins take three and cook in a small frying pan with about an Inch or so of chorizo sliced and quartered.  The oil from the cooking Chorizo will provide enough to cook the sausage, so there shouldn’t be any need for any additional oil.

Season with Black Pepper and set aside

Peel three shallots and gently sweat off in the delicious sausagey oil.

Allow to cool slightly then blitz the sausages with the onions in a food processor. 

Cheese and Onion

Peel and boil (until just falling apart) two ‘fist’ sized potatoes.  Mash with a little milk and then fold in 30g of finely grated cheese, and (about six) spring onions which have been chopped and gently sweated down.

Turkey, Cranberry and Stuffing

Three further chipolatas, cooked in the same manner as above, combined with around 75g of left over Turkey, (you may like to also blitz this down at this stage), stir through the left over stuffing and cranberry sauce (we had about two tablespoons left in the jar)

Of course if you had leftover, cooked sausages or ‘pigs in blankets these could be used instead of starting with fresh sausages.    The important thing is to ensure that you are not mixing cooked meat with uncooked meat.   Think about perhaps adding chopped apple to the sausage mixture, or a little mustard to the cheese and potato.

Roll out the pastry and putting the fillings down the centre, I found that I couldn’t get the finished item on to a baking tray, so I then cut it in half, and used some of the left over pastry to ‘bind’ the ends.

Brush with beaten egg or milk and bake in a preheated oven (180C) for 40 minutes until the pastry is light and golden.

Allow to cool before serving.

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