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Corned Beef Hash

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It seems to me that there are as many corned beef based main meal versions as there are stars in the sky….and that’s before you even consider making a pie rather than a hash – and living as I do in Wales, there is even a motion here to make the corned beef pasty a national dish.  So why?  A large tin of Corned Beef isn’t particularly cheap coming in as it does over £2 but it combines perfectly with other frugal ingredients to produce a family meal with very little additional cost.  What ever version of the Corned Beef Hash you are making there are some items which are staples and then there are the options – I have tried here to give you as many of the overall options as possible, its up to you how you mix and match them to make your own individual version of the dish.

Staple Ingredients

340g tin of Corned Beef – get the best one you can on your budget, cut in to chunks or cubes
Potatoes – around 500g or four large ‘old’ potatoes, diced.  Also consider making with ‘new’ potatoes and leaving whole
Onion – 1 Large.  Sliced, or diced up to you
Oil for frying, or butter
Tomato Ketchup for serving
Salt and Ground Black Pepper

Optional Ingredients
Garlic – 1 clove – finely dice or sliced or crushed
Worcestershire Sauce – large dash – or a teaspoon of Marmite
Grainy Mustard – teaspoon, or to taste   
Red wine – small glass or equiv of beef stock
Thyme – 1 tsp chopped
Parsley – handful chopped to serve
Grated Cheese



Put the cubed beef in a bowl – if you are using add the mustard

In to a pan of boiling water add the potatoes and simmer until just cooked.  Remove from heat and drain.

Using the oil or butter, gently fry off the onion.  Add the thyme and Garlic, if using.
If you are to use a glass of red wine, add it now, with the marmite and cook on a high heat until nearly dry again.

Add the Corned Beef mixture to the onions, season with salt and pepper, and cook for a further 5-10 minutes.  
At this point you have to make a decision about whether you are making a hash with chunks or not.
For mashed hash, break up the beef with a fork whilst cooking
For chunky hash – don’t

Season the cooked potatoes
For mashed hash – mash the potatoes with a little milk or butter
For chunky hash – don’t mash leave in pieces

For Mashed Hash place the mashed beef in the bottom of an oven proof dish and cover with the mashed potatoes and top with grated cheese, cook in the oven (200C) for 30 minutes

For chunky hash – serve the potatoes and the beef on plates with plenty of tomato ketchup and garnished with parsley


With chunky hash add an egg or two to each plate – either fried or poached – to make a more substantial meal
With chunky hash – consider puting in an oven proof dish, layering with sliced tomatoes, and finishing with some bread and butter triangles (arranged overlapping slightly and buttered side up) and then bake in the oven for 30 minutes until the bread is golden brown.


Serves Four








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