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Student Recipes

So you have spent the past 18 years or so waiting on them hand and foot, and vocalising from time to time your feelings about your kids perceived in ability to put a meal together.

Suddenly it’s all too late and they are off to start the next chapter of their young lives, without you and without the ability to feed themselves.

So what to do?

Can I be bold to suggest a couple of things?

  1. Introduce them to this website
  2. Teach them the basic Recipes
  3. Like Fayes Frugal Foods on Facebook so that they will never be short of ideas
  4. Ensure you get a twitter and an instagram account so you can at least keep up to date with their antics!

The Basic Recipes

White/Cheese Sauce

Pizza Base

Tomato Soup


Spaghetti Bolognaise

Cottage Pie

Chicken Pie

Pasta Bake