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Frugal Meal Plan

faye‎On the 7th June 2011, Jamie Oliver in his 'Food revolution hits Hollywood' TV prog, described the problem as  '....there are a lot of parents out there who just don't know what to do, they are 'stuck in a rut"

Nigella Lawson describes the problem as "Cooking is only one part of the exercise; the shopping and planning can be the most stressful part."

Fayes Frugal Meal Plan

Originally when I set up this website, I was able to write a Meal plan every two to four weeks, my life has changed, and I do now find that very rarely have the time to sit down and finish an entire plan.

The other thing that I have to admit is that we don't eat fish, so I can't furnish you with 'Omega3 rich dishes'

So with effect from -1st April 2014 (no its not a gag) I am going to complete the recipes within the blog items, and change the news letters to seven days of 'new ideas'

Week 1 of the original meal plans is still available from this website by filling in your name, and email address on the bottom right of this page.  It comes with recipes, and a shopping list, and it's free.

Using it you can feed a family of 4,  seven delicious main evening meals on a budget of less than £35.00

There are also another 25 plans which are set up and ready to go - if you would like them (for free) then let me know by sending me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and I will be happy to send them on.

You can pick and choose what, if anything, you want to try. Or just get's up to you.  

You can use this family meal planner in its entirety or just treat it as a source of good recepies and dinner ideas.

Try it an let me know what you won't cost you a penny.


Frugal Fayes Meal Plan

To receive week one of the Frugal Foods meal plan completely free just enter your name and email below.

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Welcome to the New Frugal Foods Website - We have had a make over, and have added a few things along the way. Why not also take a look at our Amazon shop with our favourite Cookery Books? Our very popular Blog will continue to give you great ideas for frugal family meals and using up your left overs but we are also working on some additional items to look out for too.

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