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Sausage and Baked Bean Stew

A second meal from Fantastic Food for less by Diary Diary

Sausage and Baked Bean Stew

Another recipe from my new Dairy Diary cook book called 'Fantastic Food for less' so unfortunately you wont find the whole recipe here, however in most of my blog entries I do include all the ingredients and method.  The book itself is a good investment as its full of good family food ideas.

Todays recipe got my attention because it ticks the 'what else can I do with sausages' box.  But it did come with a concern, in that none of the rest of my family will eat baked beans.

In addition, find Baked beans too acidic so much more than a tablespoon or two will make me feel sick for hours, so when I do use them in cooking it tends to be because they are the cheapest way to buy harricot Beans, and I tend to wash the sauce off....and make my own.

Essentially this is a bean, tomato and onion stew in which you cook the sausages in the oven (having browned them first!)

The finished topping of breadcrumbs makes this more like a cassolet, but I am not sure the dish is better for it.  If you are watching your weight then leave the breadcrumb topping off.

The dish also is improved, well I think so, if you add a slug of worcestershire sauce, and a chilli, but it is a fab family meal and it results in smiling faces and clean plates. 

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