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Rick Steins Circassan chicken

Another excellent recipe from Rick Stein's wonderful book

Rick Steins Circassan chicken

So far, dipping in to Rick Steins Venice to Instanbul book has been a complete joy.  The book, like the series was and is a feast for the eyes and whilst we dont eat fish, (and there is a large section of the book devoted to fish) there are lots of recipes in this book to try which from the ingredient list alone you know are going to be a hit.

Confidence is built when the lovely Mr Stein gives you a picture of the finished dish, but there is no picture of Circassan Chicken, so we had to be brave.......the result however is lovely and worth the risk.

For those of you who dont have the book but like the idea of chicken with a walnut sauce, you can find a recipe for Circassan chicken here

Give it a whirl, its definately worth the trouble

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