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Oven Baked Thai Curry

A warming dish for a miserable June Day

Oven Baked Thai Curry

It's official.  I am fed up.  I have tried to keep a brave face on it but I am going to admit it now.....I am fed up, fed up with the weather.

May delivered potential, and whilst we all know that the weather turns sour once the kids have broken up for the Summer, surely June was going to deliver more of the gorgeous weather of May?  

We are 10 days in and I have lost faith.  That said it may be because I escaped to Italy with a friend last weekend so this cold wet snap is hitting me particularly hard.

It is very hard being motivated to produce a meal plan when your heart just isn't in it, and you tend to revert to family favourites and storecupboard staples - and yes it is true that we had just Jacket potato with grated cheese and salad for tea one day last week.  I had forgotten how delicious simple fodder of this nature could be.  My husband, given the chance to get his hands on the meal plan as I was away, obviously had not! 


So there I was on Friday night.  Where I would normally surround myself with a billion cookery books, become enthused by a recipe I had never tried before.......I couldn't be bothered to get off the sofa.

Instead, we have a week of recipes which were sourced by putting the ingredient of choice into the BBC Good Food website.

Tonight's recipe was to attempt to make an inroad into the glut of Coconut Milk we have in the cupboard.  I really don't know why its there. It's almost like everytime I have popped into Aldi over the past few weeks I have convinced myself that I was short on Coconut Milk, and now we have enough to keep Tom Hanks alive on a dessert island for four years!

If you too would like to try the 'bung it all in the oven and forget about it for half an hour' Thai curry, whilst listening to the rain pour down and the wind howl outside, whilst being thankful that you didn't buy tickets for UB40 (in the local open air rugby stadium tonight), then follow this link.

Welcome to the British Summer x

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