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Mexican Pork with Beans and Guacamole

Family tea for £1.50 a head

Mexican Pork with Beans and Guacamole

Not sure how I came to leave a gap of nearly two months in my food blog.  I think its most likely to be because I have gone back to work, after 8 glorious months, and so over the past few weeks I have been distracted.  That might be it, or it might be because I had become a bit lazy when trying new recipes.

Tesco is not where I normally Shop.  I do however, like the Free Tesco magazine.  I do like most 'foodie' magazines, I do love a freebee but I am also found from time to time having purchased a BBC Good Food Magazine. 

Pork Fillet is not something I normally buy.  I have looked at it from time to time and pondered its use, and then I came across the Tesco magazine recipe for Spicy Pork with Chunky Bean Guacamole.  I already had an avocado which was perfectly ripe, and as they can go from perfect to 'black' in the blink of an eye, the question was whether I could get to Aldi and buy the rest of the ingredients in time.

The dish itself was ridiculously simple to put together,  The Pork Fillet was seasoned with 1tsp of Paprika and 1/2 tsp of ground cumin and mild chilli powder, mixed to a paste with a little olive oil, and rubbed all over (this will make your hands go orange).

IMG 1473

Brown the whole fillet in a large heavy bottomed Frying pan before transferring to a preheated oven (190C) for 20 minutes.  I will admit at this point that I cooked mine for 35 minutes as I was sceptical of the cooking time given. 

The Simplicity continues as this dish is served on a Bean Guacamole.  The Tesco recipe suggests you mash all these ingredients but I left mine much more chunky.  

- the flesh of an avocado
- 1/2 bunch of spring Onions (finely sliced)
- 1 Tin of Red kidney beans drained and rinsed
- 200g of Cherry Tomatoes, quartered
- Juice of one lime (I also put the zest in)
- Pack (30g) of Coriander, leaves chopped
(This was really missing Jalapenos) 

IMG 1477

The Recipe calls for oven baked Pitta breads, but I thought Tortilla Chips would make a nice change, particularly as it was a Saturday 'sofa' tea.
Our tea also had the Guacamole on the side and the pork served on rice as our daughter can't stand avocado, or Coriander (I hadn't really thought this through had I?), and some lettuce on the side 

 The pork needs to be rested for five minutes before slicing and serving.  I thought it was delicious, obviously our Coriander hating daughter left her Guacamole!

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