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Ideas for a Frugal Christmas

Keeping Christmas Costs under control

Ideas for a Frugal Christmas

Even in the first week of December, we are getting all a bit Christmassy in this household.  We have three trees to put up, so far we have completed just one.  However the second tree is up and has lights on, but my teenage daughter believes its too early to decorate it - and it's her job so it's staying naked.  At least for now.

I have been desperately busy for Christmas, I have written and posted all my Christmas Cards........and then we got the 'Christmas Box' out of the attic and thats when I was reminded of my frugal behaviour from January last year and was confronted by a pile of Christmas Cards I bought in the sales in January.  So not too organised then.  I have already a 2018 calendar in the Kitchen (although my Mother says its unlucky to put up a calendar before 01.01) so I am going to have to write myself a big note in November to stop me making the same mistake next year.

I have also bought wrapped and posted my families presents....and thats where it ends.  I haven't given food a second thought yet, but there is time.

We are home 'alone' this Christmas.  Myself, Husband and teenager Daughter, so if we are careful we should be able to be quite frugal on the costs.  Must not go bonkers, remind ourselves that it's just a fancy roast and some additional days of 'feasting' a few nibbles and chocs but thats it............well apart from wine, lots of wine.  See, already I am making the shopping list in my head longer and longer.  I need to focus.  So I took a look back through previous years entries for some help and inspiration to try and keep and keep me on track.

Take a look and hope the ideas help, I'll write again with new ideas, recipes and about using up leftovers

Lots of Love

Faye xx

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