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Greek Lamb Pasta Melt

Another one from the Tesco Food Magazine

Greek Lamb Pasta Melt

I think we all know by now that we as a family don't like lamb.  The only exception to this is the lamb kebab.
It's probably its fattiness I don't like, and as a result, I am not very keen on the smell.  
Lamb as a Roast on a Sunday is my idea of hell (but when presented with such it's a perfect excuse to indulge on Mint Sauce which I completely love).

So why, you may be wondering, did I embark on this dish for tea tonight.  

Call it "taking one for the team"

The dish itself is easy to construct.

Preheat the grill 

Peel and chop two cloves of garlic and one onion.  Brown in a large heavy bottomed frying pan for about five minutes, on a medium heat.

Add 500g of Lamb Mince and turn the heat up, Stir frequently until all the mince has browned.

At this point I got a great big handful of kitchen paper and soaked up all the lamb fat in the pan by pushing all the content to one side, tilting the pan slightly so the fat ran out.  Mind you don't burn yourself though.

Add in one tin of Chopped Tomatoes, two tsp of dried oregano and a whole jar of black olives (150g - drained)

Finally add in 200G of frozen spinach and season well.  Cook on a medium heat until the spinach has melted and warmed through.

Meanwhile, bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and cook 250g of Dried pasta (I used penne but the recipe called for Farfalle).  Additionally drain and shred a ball of Mozzarella.

Combine the pasta with the sauce tip in to a baking dish, sprinkle over the mozzarella and grill until the cheese is melted and started to brown. 


Overall this dish is confused, its Greek and Italian, which is a bit odd.

I didn't mind the flavour so much, my husband hated it, but my daughter said it was delicious and ate it all.  I won't however, be making it again.



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