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'Toad in the hole' - Good old Fashioned Frugal Food

A Frugal alternative to a full Sunday Roast

'Toad in the hole' - Good old Fashioned Frugal Food

There's been a bit of a backlash in this house to the standard Roast on a Sunday.  I think my teenager has decided she's fed up with me serving up Roast Chicken on a Sunday.  So now I am confronted with having to dream up another days meal on the meal plan, where as before Sunday was always a 'slam dunk'

So we have been toying with hot quiche, pies and then today I decided that a good old fashioned 'Toad' was the way forward.

There is a magic formula to making Yorkshire pudding - and that magic is in weighing the eggs as you break them into a bowl.  Today's three eggs weighed in at 149g, so in went 149g of plain flour and then mixed to a thick batter with milk and then water added to 'thin', before leaving it for at least an hour before use. 

The oven has to be as hot as it will go.  The sausages are best precooked and placed in the hot oven with a little oil/lard/coconut oil, until the oil begins to smoke,before adding the batter.  

The Yorkshire pudding will take a further 25-30 minutes to cook, so make sure that this goes in the oven when your roasties are already done (remove them and cover with foil and a towel to keep them warm).

Serve well seasoned and with carrots, beans and lashings of gravy.

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