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Creamy Italian Parmesan Bake

Pasta Bake with a twist

Creamy Italian Parmesan Bake

I have returned this week to my souvenir from Ireland from our Easter trip. I used the Avoca Cafe Cook Book to do my menu plan this week.  I didn't have a great deal of time this morning when doing my shopping list so I decided to randomly open the book a couple of times and cook each recipe the book fell open at.

The lucky draw for Saturday evening was a recipe called Parmesan chicken, which also is known at the cafe as 'Italian Chicken'

This book caters for massive quantities and the recipe I used tonight was based on 8 chicken breasts.  There were only three of us for supper tonight so we needed to just over halve the quantities, however as the recipe is baked in the oven uncovered I decided to leave the 'sauce' quantities as per the book and then reduce them to a sauce for a pasta bake.  The oriiginal recipe reduced the remaining sauce to thicken it and then was returned to the chicken. 

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