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Cottage Pie - Bulking Meal Prep Ideas

Everyone loves a comforting Potato Recipe

Cottage Pie - Bulking Meal Prep Ideas

Yesterday I wrote up the beginning of an explanation of how to make three days meals for four out of 500g of Beef Mince and some contents from your storecupboard.
If you follow yesterday's Lasagna blog post you will see where we start making the Cottage Pie - which is where this blog entry starts

To Start to the cottage pie add half the carrot, leek and a little garlic to a large pan with a little oil and butter and saute.



Add the cooked Green Lentils to the cooked vegetables along with a half a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce and two tablespoons of Brown Sauce.


Wash the sauce off a tin of Baked Beans and add the Beans to the pan with a handful of parsley and half the remaining mince mixture.

IMG 0815


IMG 0817

Transfer to an oven proof dish, cover with mashed potato and brown the potato under a grill before serving.


Make potato wedges and roast separately whilst warming through the dish.  Arrange the potatoes on top of the mince mixture and then cover with cheese and serve, with peas when the Cheese has melted (we used Raclette)


IMG 0819

IMG 0820

IMG 0821

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