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Chilli, Chicken and Chorizo Pasta

Chicken leftovers but slightly too hot for the kids

Chilli, Chicken and Chorizo Pasta

I am always looking for ways to use up Sundays Roast Chicken, but today looking for a low fat snack, I started mulling over the idea of a creamy pasta sauce to go with some of the large bag of Wholewheat Pasta Twists I purchased yesterday.

Luckily the youngest member of the family was only interested in a cheese sandwich, as norm.

Cream was out of the question, as was a bland finish  (Carbonarra is not our friend).  

In the end I remembered a lovely spanish Chorizo we had in the cupboard and justified its use in a low fat dish by convincing myself I would use only a little to give the dish a wonderful flavour and use the beautiful oil which comes from the meat whilst gently frying, to soften the onions and Chilli. 

The finished dish was a hit, which is praise indeed from my husband who often comments on my desire to frequently 'concoct' so as a result I am going to share.........these quantities are for two adults

Gently sweat in a small pan, approximately 1 inch of chorizo (cut in to thick slices and then cut in to quarters).  Diagonally slice, three spring onions (white and green parts) and half a fresh chilli - turn the heat down a little and put the lid on the pan. Stir from time to time to make sure the contents are not 'catching', if they are, then you have the heat too high

Season with Pepper

Cook 150g of pasta as per the packet instructions

When the pasta is nearly cooked add to the meat and onions 2 dessertspoons of both low fat Creme Fraiche and Low fat Greek Yogurt and some of the chicken left over from sundays roast cut in to bit sized chunks.

Heat the sauce through.

Drain the Pasta when cooked and stir through the sauce.

Serve immediately.............and wonder at the ablilty of food to warm your gums!

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