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Cheesy Chilli Chips

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Cheesy Chilli Chips

This dish uses two tubes of Primula squeezy cheese in a tube, which you can get from any supermarket, but also Home Bargains so its good for keeping the cost down.  If you get the low fat version of the cheese then this dish is also "free" on Slimming World so long as you are using the cheese as your HEA, if not you have to count the cheese as 6.

Because I am still following the slimming world plan, I put slimming world chips in my underlayer, but its just as easy with a bag of tortillas

If you are going to serve the chilli on Chips then you need about 1kg of baking potatoes, scrubbed with the skins left on,  Cut the potatoes in to chips and parboil (for 6 minutes) before spraying with oil and baking in the preheated oven (200C) for around 30-40 minutes, turning a couple of times during cooking.

Meanwhile, dry fry 350g of beef mince, with 2 tsp of ground cumin, and 1 tsp of chilli powder and then remove to a plate.

In the same pan add one red onion (finely chopped) and one garlic clove (chopped) with a splash of water.  Cook for five minutes stirring occasionally.

Tip the mince back to the pan and season well.  Add a chopped red pepper, one chopped green chilli pepper along with a tin of chopped tomatoes and a can (drained) of kidney beans.  Simmer for 25-30 minutes, the finished dish needs to be reasonably dry.

Spray an ovenproof dish and line with the chips, tip in the mince mixture and top with two tubes of Primula cheese (or you could use grated cheddar) and return to the oven for ten minutes, until the cheese has melted.



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