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A mountain of Pasta

Well that's what happens when you are in the mood for making Pasta!'

A mountain of Pasta

It all started out quite innocently really.  We were planning on having a simple tea of Jacket Potatoes topped with a rather indulgent Stilton cheese.  None of that 'whats wrong with  Cheddar out of the fridge' rubbish today. We had planned for this - it was on the meal plan so Jackets and Blue cheese it was.

And very lovely and satisfying they were too.

Where it all went wrong was when I came to tidy away.  There was quite a lot of Stilton still left on the board where I had grated it, and rather than just pop it in to a freezerbag, and put it in the fridge, or freezer, I decided to take the rather bold step of deciding that at 7pm it was time to make pasta.

Theres a recipe for pasta here

I was, I admit slightly over zealous and made the recipe I have in my head which is essentially the same............but three times all the quantities.

So the Blue Cheese Tortillini took no time what so ever, and we have enough in the freezer to make a whole extra meal, so lots of frugal points there.......however I still had an absolute mountain of Pasta left over.

Pasta Eggs

It took a futher two hours to make and dry a mountain of Taglitelli and then to use further cuts but painstaingly made with a twist in the middle to represent bows, on a minature scale, to make a small 'hill' of soup pasta.

It was, Ill admit it a bit of a schoolboy error, but on the plus side it does give me the perfect excuse to have lots of pasta on the meal plan next week, and to make some more gorgeous soups for lunch this week. 

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