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Don't Under estimate Eggs

chickenDont underestimate eggs.  Cheap to buy, easy to store (don't store them in the fridge, its not necessary), full of protein, they fill you up for ages.  An egg can be almost anything within a dish: title role or bit-part, starter or pudding, sweet or savoury.  They are an excellent compliment to cold meats, onions, herbs, and cheese.  

Eggs are so common in the kitchen that we take for granted the changes heat has on them.


From 75 calories, a chicken egg supplies every amino acid the human body needs and a glut of minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin D which is quite rare in nature and vital for people who don't see much of the sun. An egg white contains almost no fat and, apart from its water, is almost pure protein. The yolk contains still more protein, and its fat is mostly unsaturated.

If you get a chance, buy eggs "at the gate", but remember there won't be a use by date stamped on these, but they will be considerably fresher than the ones you buy at the supermarket which will have already been sitting around for at least 10 days before you buy them 'fresh' 


You will understand this if you try and hard boil a 'bought at the gate' egg.  Really fresh eggs won't have had a chance to develop the air gap at the top of the egg which makes peeling the shell from the white almost impossible, and you end up with the white and shell stuck together and just the yolk left intact.

Its also this air sac, which allows you to work out how fresh the eggs are - those which rise to stand on their end have an air pocket - those which float to the surface are probably too out of date to eat safely.

As for cholesterol, though we've known for some time that high levels of blood cholesterol can raise a person's risk of heart disease and stroke, the evidence shows that  that, for most people, eating saturated fat is more likely to raise cholesterol than eating cholesterol itself. (In a minority of the population this is not the case, and eating cholesterol has a negative effect on cholesterol levels in the blood.) The protein and some of the vitamins in eggs, as well as folate and riboflavin, may in fact help reduce the risk of heart disease.

In truth I have never eaten so many eggs as I have since we got chickens.  I was concerned that this was going to affect my health, having grown up with both the advice that the levels of Cholesterol were bad for you and then there was teh salmonella scare in the 1990's, so it came as a bit of a wake up call to discover that the World Health Organization advises that we can happily eat up to 10 eggs a week

In any case, anyone who thinks we should be eating more real and less fake food should eat more eggs – we've been doing so for hundreds of thousands of years.  On the downside if you have chickens we have to be so careful where they are allowed to 'roam' or you end up with plenty of eggs, but no veg or salad crops!



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